Italian soles for luxury footwear since 1967

The Company

Delivering quality and elegance

We preserve and promote the excellence of “Made in Italy”, producing TPU and leather soles for the most prestigious brands in the footwear industry, such as:

●  Outsoles for trainers

●  Outsoles for formal footwear

●  Sandals and slippers

Experienced craftsmen and young talents. 

A production model that minimises the negative impact on the planet. This is what allows us to bring to life the creations of those who trust in our know-how. In full respect of the Italian tradition.


Investing in the future

Sophisticated and distinctive outsoles. Proprietary patents and state-of-the-art production lines. All this is possible thanks to a constant investment in qualified personnel, research and automation.

For our customers and partners in the luxury industry, we create footwear soles that are unsurpassed in design and quality. Products that strengthen the link between the past and the future. Step by step.



The highest performance thermoplastic compound for soles with excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. It is ideal for highlighting special details and different textures. TPU is an eco-friendly solution as it can be recycled.


Valuable, naturally sustainable material. An epitome of elegance, it has been part of our products since the early days of Tre Zeta.


EVA is a polyethylene-based material ideal for lightweight footwear, regardless of the size of the sole to be realised.


Light, waterproof, soft.
This expanded raw material allows to produce men and women footwear soles that meet the different requirements of the design departments in terms of shapes and colours.


Polyurethane is a ductile and
water-repellent thermosetting expanded polymer. It is ideal for midsoles that provide great cushioning and comfort at every step.


This material has a high abrasion coefficient, making it perfect for shoe outsoles that require a good grip. Its excellent technical properties are also suitable for formal footwear outsoles.